The Girl & The Goats


Semetko tells the story behind the color print offered in the Deluxe Edition of India Unposed:

“This shot came about as many shots in India did—through serendipity. I was in Mahabalipuram, an historic town filled with ancient Hindu temples near Chennai in the south of India. I was standing on the sloped side of a temple, trying to frame an interesting shot of the goats and hoping that a person or people would enter the frame. This little girl came up, looked at the goats, then turned to stare off in the distance with the Bay of Bengal behind her.

After I got the picture, I turned around to see her family standing there watching, enjoying the whole process. This was not unusual in India. I don’t think I had one person object to having their picture taken the entire time I was there. In fact, most people wanted their pictures taken. I always obliged, and I now have lots of pictures of happy Indians. You can see the little girl in the front row.”


The color chromogenic print of the girl and goats is one of two prints offered in the Deluxe Edition of India Unposed. It is the only color image in either the Deluxe or Standard Editions.



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