INDIA UNPOSED at Leica Camera HQ


Photograph copyright Michael Agel

I was honored to be the first guest speaker at the new Leica Camera Headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany last Tuesday evening. I was there to give a presentation and do a book signing for INDIA UNPOSED, and to honor Leica Camera’s 100 years of photography and the 60 years of the Leica M camera.

Leica Camera CEO Alfred Schopf introduced me…


Photograph copyright Michael Agel

…what can I say…I take a lot of pictures.


Photograph copyright GALLERY4M/Oliver Schneider

…and I presented him with a Deluxe Limited Edition copy of INDIA UNPOSED, numbered 60/100. The inscription reads, “For my friends at Leica Camera—honoring 100 years of Leica Photography and 60 years of the Leica M…thank you for making the most agreeable traveling companion I’ve ever had.”


Photograph copyright GALLERY4M/Oliver Schneider

I also showed work from my first book UNPOSED.


Photograph copyright Michael Agel

The audience seemed to enjoy themselves—perhaps the complimentary wine and beer helped.


After the lecture we adjourned to the store and I got down to the hard work of signing books…


Photograph copyright Michael Agel


Photograph copyright GALLERY4M/Oliver Schneider

I spent the night in Wetzlar and got a tour of Leitz Park the next morning by the wonderful photographer and all around great guy Michael Agel.


There is a museum in Leitz Park exhibiting the 100 years of Leica Cameras and their history. This is a replica of the first Leica created by Oskar Barnack (the original is under lock and key). He called his new small invention “Liliput” and you can see the reference to it in his original notebook.


Leica cameras and lenses are on display from the past 100 years.


And you can see the current cameras and lenses being handcrafted and assembled.



This was the second time I’ve been to Leitz Park since May, and my friends at Leica Camera made both experiences memorable. Thanks to you all for making things so easy and fun. Special thanks to Michael Agel for the tour and use of his photos, and also to Oliver Schneider for the use of his.  You can see more of their work at and Auf wiedersehen from Wetzlar!




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