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The initial shipment of INDIA UNPOSED has sold out!

That’s the good news. The better news is a much larger shipment is on the way. Order your copy today for early June delivery—and remember, the first 500 books purchased will be personally dedicated and signed by Craig Semetko. In the meantime, read what early buyers are saying about their copies of INDIA UNPOSED:

“Your photo book on India is absolutely stunning. Just loved it… simple and beautiful… and captivating…”

Naveen Munjal, Delhi, India

“We were all stunned by India Unposed. This is photography of the very highest order, done with an unerring eye and from the heart. No gimmicks, “concepts” or contrivances. It will put [Semetko] in the ranks of the masters.”

Demetrious T, Victoria, British Columbia

“[India Unposed] arrived today, and it’s nothing short of astonishing. The photographs (and the selection) are stunning. By far it’s the best photography book I own.”

Jim S, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



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